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"At MyStarAutograph you'll find exclusive signed products, personalized in my own handwriting"Rafa Nadal

  • " After tomorrow ( 20th of June) I will have birthday, this is a very very nice present!!!! Thank’s a lot! Regards" Györgyi, to email support

  • "The best present that I could ever gain! Thank you so much @Cristiano and @MyStarAutograph! So happy!!!" Crist __CR7 on Twitter

  • "His writing is bloody Fantastic! Thanks MyStarAutograph" Jessie Work on Instagram

  • "OMG!! I´m in heaven!! Got a autograph poster from Cristiano Ronaldo! #frametastic ❤" M.Lo Music on instagram

  • "I have given for my husband's birthday a picture of Messi. Was shocked and began to cry with joy as a child. He knelt down and told me how much he loves me .... funny part is that all the guys at the party, Barca fans also, had tears in them eyes . Now everyone knows what they wants for them bday! Messi Autographl !" Calina Silaghi-Nnanna On our FB

  • "To receive Messi´s autograph it was a wonderful thing for me!!I was so happy!! To read my name near him...beautiful...without words!" Irene Fariello On our FB

  • "It was the best day of my life, it was all I wanted I loved it" Fabio Lucca Rollano Pinto On our FB

  • "My daughter, Isabel, a big soccer player at 11 received it on Christmas Day and cried for about 20 minutes. It has been framed and is at her front door entrance." Eddie Rodriguez On our FB

  • "My son was so happy when he open his present a big thanks to mystarautogragh..awesome. The delivery is right on" Loy Narona On our FB

  • "My kid is getting one for Christmas! He is going to love it!" Mark Falsing on Twitter